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Accessing the Monitoring Portal

To access the monitoring portal please visit, click ‘Login’ in the top left corner, and sign in with your registered details.

Once logged in, the dashboard will display your details including your Installer ID.

My Installs

Under the My Installs tab, you can add projects and assign your installed systems in order to easily access and monitor certain installations.

To create an install, click the 'Add New' button and insert the details on the following screen.

Once created, you will then be able to assign systems to the install by clicking the 'Add' button in the 'Products' section. This will then bring up a page with a dropdown menu to select a system.

My Products

Under the My Products tab, all your assigned systems will be listed.

When you click on a system a system overview page will appear with details of the unit such as:

  • Serial Number

  • Model Number

  • Status

  • System Temperature

  • Firmware Version

  • Current Uptime

  • System Status - Inputs

  • System Status - Outputs

  • External Network Details

  • Local Network Configuration

  • System Commands

  • Reboot Function

On the left-hand side, a navigation bar features more options:

  • Port Details allows you to individually monitor all inputs and outputs.

  • Health displays information about the system’s health plus a visual history of the system’s temperature over the previous month.

  • Updates display the current software version and detail any updates available for the system. There is also a toggle switch to turn on ‘Hotfix Updates’ whereby updates are delivered automatically to the system.

  • Installation Report displays all crucial information about the installation on one page. We recommend you print this page once the installation is complete to ensure the installation is correct.

Documentation & Drivers

Under the Documentation and Drivers tab, you will find links to the latest third-party control drivers, manuals, and troubleshooting guides alongside API information.