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3.9.55 Binary Firmware Update

This firmware is available for the following products:

  • neo:X+

  • neo:XMR

  • neo:XSR


  • Improved stability when the CEC state got reset

  • Error log uploading sent the first registered warnings only in 3.9.42

  • The webserver wouldn't restart in some cases after the network got disconnected

  • Ping check would not restart in some cases

  • Formatting of the timestamp in the error logs

  • A sink routed to a hidden or failing bay would keep retrying after a reboot

  • Some lines in the error log would unnecessarily repeat over and over again.

  • Inputs & Outputs could sometimes fail at boot on NeoX+, NeoXMR & NeoXSR

  • Hiding sources would always take the configuration from output bay 1 instead of the actual bay


  • No longer resets the timestamp in the error log when the system is restarted


  • Support for the PDU on the Neo X+