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3.9.42 Binary Firmware Update

This firmware is available for the following products:

  • neo:X+ Binary

  • neo:XMR

  • neo:XSR


  • (All Products) When using Control4 the SDDP ‘Alive’ message wasn’t sent when the service started. 

  • (All Products) When using a custom absolute IR code you could not override the previous key if the key was already selected. 

  • (All Products) A warning would be displayed when using a custom absolute IR code in a new profile. 

  • (All Products) No longer returns an error when loading a custom IR profile for the first time

  • (All Products) On when viewing a connected device (i.e ProAmp8) it was displaying the model information of the local device (ProAmp8) and not the information of the connected device (i.e. NeoX+). 

  • (All Products) The API command /edid/download has been fixed

  • (All Products) In Remote Controls Combo Keys toggling the individual inputs did not work. 

  • (All Products) If the network connection dropped briefly it did not always restart the network services correctly when the connection was established again. 

  • (All Products) With LG Sinks if you selected an input on the CEC source menu it didn’t always display it as selected on the TV. 

  • (All Products) Couldn't click buttons on system health page on v3.9.