ProAudio 8 (P8-ProAudio8)

ProAudio 16 (P8-ProAudio16)

ProAudio 1632 (P8-ProAudio1632)

ProAudio 32 (P8-ProAudio32)

ProAudio 3248 (P8-ProAudio3248)

ProAudio 3264 (P8-ProAudio3264)


The ProAudio DSP Pre-Amp Audio Matrix range features audio inputs alongside analog outputs and digital outputs, enabling simultaneous audio distribution to multiple zones. Each output zone can be enhanced with built-in features including 5 band equalizer on each zone, adjustable volume and gain settings, subwoofer control, serial and TCP/IP control, lip sync delay and much more.

Key Features:

  • Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble and 5 Band Equalizer control of analog and digital audio.

  • Volume range: +24dB to -99.5dB, and full mute (-115dB), with 0.5dB step resolution.

  • Master volume to control all zones simultaneously (+24dB to -99.5dB), and full mute.

  • Tone / EQ ranges: +20dB to -20dB, with 0.5dB step resolution.

  • Gain settings (+/-24dB) for all analog and digital inputs.

  • Zone gain settings (+/-24dB) for each zone.

  • Lip sync delay from 0 to 170ms, per zone and/or per input.

  • Audio format conversion: Digital inputs are automatically converted to analog audio. (Does not downmix Dolby5.1 or DTS to analog audio, but does pass multichannel audio to the S/PDIF outputs)

  • Both analog and digital audio is available simultaneously on the outputs.

  • Controlled through TCP/IP and/or Bi-directional RS-232. The TCP/IP and RS-232 share a simple ASCII protocol. Drivers available for all major control systems. The easy to use protocol makes writing new drivers a breeze.